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Welcome to the official website of LA JARRIE Town

The village of La Jarrie

At a crossroads near the large urban center of La Rochelle city and the coast's many beaches, lies the ancient village of La Jarrie with its some 2800 inhabitants.

Proud of 11th century roots, this county-town of canton continually renovates and develops its facilities as well as a new center-village to reinforce a formerly strong identity.

From the Middle Ages to the present, this village hosted notable figures, religious and pilgrims, and kings of France have stayed here too.

By design and well maintained through the years, are La Jarrie's many alley ways which lead inhabitants and visitors alike to and from the center's tree-lined square. Although a small community, La Jarrie has all the modern conveniences found in larger cities while maintaining the comfortable ways of small town life.

There are sport facilities, including a large indoor tennis pavilion with three courts as well as outdoor tennis courts.  A gymnasium and a football stadium provide spectator events as well as opportunities for clubs and teams to practice. La Jarrie also offers cultural opportunities such as musical concerts of varied styles including jazz, classical and modern popular music, and theater productions, game festival ...

In visiting the surrounding countryside, you will discover Romanesque churches, the Marais Poitevin, the beautiful islands of Ré, Oléron and Aix and some more.

Welcome to Aunis.

COMMUNE DE LA JARRIE - Hôtel de ville - Place de la Mairie - 17220 La JARRIE
Tel. 05 46 35 80 27 / Fax. 05 46 35 99 09